Sensitive Skin

We all have periods where our skin may be feeling particularly sensitive or dry.
This may be due to the over use of active ingredients or the impact of weather conditions on our skin.

Top tips ✨

  • Take one or two days off active ingredients each week to focus on hydration and restoration
  • Use cool water and a gentle cleanser to wash your skin. If your skin feels tight, irritated or dryer after washing, you may need to use a hydrating cleanser
  • Pat the skin dry and apply moisturiser to damp skin
  • Avoid using any new products
  • Keep your face mask and face mist in the fridge
  • If you find some moisturisers too heavy use them as a face mask for 10-15 minutes
  • Always wear and reapply SPF

    We love ❤️
  • Toleriane range- La Roche Posay
  • Phyto corrective mask- Skinceuticals
  • Hydrating B5 Serum- Skinceuticals
  • Fast skin Repair- Mesoestetic
  • Skin Balance Serum- Mesoestetic
  • Melan Recovery- Mesoestetic
  • Melan SPF 130- Mesoestetic
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