1. Tyrosine is the rate limiting step in melanin production. Ingredients that reduce tyrosine activity, such as azelaic acid, reduce hyperpigmentation.
❤️ We recommend a prescription azelaic acid- Skinoren 15%

2. Use antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals. Vitamin C is a fantastic antioxidant which regulates melanin production, reducing hyperpigmentation.
❤️We love Skinceuticals C E Ferulic

3. Niacinamide blocks the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Keratinocytes make up 90% of the cells of the epidermis, the outermost of the layers of the skin. By reducing the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes we reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin.
❤️We love melan tran3x gel cream by Mesoestetic!

4. By using retinoids to speed up cell turnover we encourage the removal of keratinocytes containing excess melanin.
❤️ We often start clients on Skinceuticals Retinol and progress to prescription level Retinol as the skin adapts.

5. To prevent further pigmentation always wear SPF50 + every day (no matter what the weather)
❤️ We love Mesoestetic melan 130 pigment control

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