Hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid is a sugar found naturally in our skin. Also known as HA, hyaluronic acid pulls moisture to it and helps to keep the skin hydrated and plump. HA is the Ferrari of moisturisers as it can hold more than one thousand times its weight in water!
    HA is responsible for hydration of the skin and also has anti-oxidant properties which reduce UV skin damage.

    As we all age the amount of hyaluronic acid that our body naturally produces decreases and our skin can struggle to hydrate itself. It is because of this that HA is seen as both a moisturiser and an anti-ageing product.

    Hyaluronic acid can be found in several molecular structures which penetrate the skin at different levels. A moisturiser, commonly containing larger molecules, hydrates and plumps the outer layer of the skin whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Smaller molecules, typically found in serums, can penetrate and hydrate the deeper layers of the skin.

    We love HA Densimatrix by Mesoestetic.
  • This serum is an intensive concentrate that combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular structures for penetration at different levels. Provides anti-aging, plumping and filling action. All types of skin.
  • MULTI-LEVEL MOISTURISING: it contains ha densimatrix complex, a combination of HA (cross-linked, high, middle and low) for a long-lasting deep moisturising.
  • PROTECTIVE ACTION: the action of anti-hyaluronidase complex protects from HA degradation and blocks the action caused by external aggressions.
  • FIRMING AND ANTI-AGING ACTION: antiaging pro complex promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to provide the skin with firmness and elasticity.
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