Hair Loss and Thinning

When treating alopecia, it is essential that patients are assessed clinically and the underlying cause of the hair loss is identified. For management of hair thinning, an initial consultation with one of our clinical staff is always advised to allow assessment of the problem area, a physical examination and, where appropriate, a blood test. The treatment approach will depend on the findings of the above assessment and will be tailored to each individual patient.


One of the treatments available in the Galway Skin Clinic is called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a nutrient rich fluid, plasma, that is isolated from a patient’s own blood sample. PRP takes advantage of our innate healing ability to stimulate tissue growth, proliferation and repair. PRP can be extremely effective in stimulating follicles to produce thicker, healthier and stronger hair. PRP is especially useful in treating patients concerned by alopecia and male pattern baldness. 


A holistic approach to care is key in ensuring the best results. Treatment may focus on PRP in isolation or may include the addition of prescription medication, either topically or orally. Best results are seen when the treatment is done as a series of three sessions once a month with a top-up treatment done every 6-12 months thereafter.


Other treatments include:

  • Treatment of any underlying condition
  • Dietary optimisation
  • Topical or systemic medication
  • Microneedling to stimulate dermal rejuvenation

In Galway Skin Clinic, progress is tracked by using a specialised follicle camera which can accurately assess how an individual is responding to the treatment.


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